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Marbelous is a sandbox marble run game where you draw colored shapes that deflect the marble and create sounds and music.

Play it here:

Winner of the Ubisoft game jam 2020.
Theme: Essentials.
Modifiers fulfilled: age 7 and under, no written text, game as a musical instrument, no UI.

As the sound designer, I have steered the game towards becoming a musical one. The player gets to feel like a composer very easily: as a marble bounces against a shape, it produces a sound. Each type of shape has a different sound, and it will produce it at a higher or lower note depending on its size. Thus, the marble’s path through the level results in a musical sequence ✨🎼. And the production of the musical sequence is very alike to playing with a sequencer.

I worked (and continue working) on the project as the sound designer, audio and gameplay programmer, game designer and level designer.

Sound Design tutorial

Sound design article: electricity

Game Jam Music Sound Design Video Game

Dolphin Sushi

Appeau Studio Sound Design Video Game

Magique Blabla

Appeau Studio Music Sound Design Video Game


Albert+Zoé is an upcoming electro-fantasy narrative rhythm game about relationship building, emotions, and the tragedy of choice.

The player guides Albert and Zoé in their travels through a world where magic stems from the knowledge and the mastery of emotions. This power, violently repressed by the Empire and practiced in secret by the witches, is the source of a conflict which threatens to consume the world. The gameplay alternates between two phases:

Musical confrontations where the player casts spells by performing rhythms

Dialogues where the player appoints emotions for the characters to respond with.

Their choices shape both Albert and Zoé’s relationship, and the world around them.

I am the project manager, lead audio designer, lead developer, and game designer on Albert+Zoé.

Music Sound Design Video Game

Ex-O Stars

Ex-O Stars is an upcoming shoot ’em up game with vertical scrolling for mobile. It distringuishes itself with an original next-gen retro pixel art take on the genre. By OOM-Games.

I am the composer and sound designer of Ex-O Stars.

The soundtrack of the game takes its inspiration in EDM and glitch hop. An alternative synthwave-themed version of the soundtrack has also received some work in the past.

Music Sound Design Video Game

Holy ‘n Speed

Holy ‘n Speed is a platformer, the result of a student project.

I did the music and the sound design of Holy ‘n Speed. The soundtrack has taken the form of an EP.